Born and raised in Compton, CA, Rodjinae Brown is a writer currently living in Los Angeles. When she isn't working, reading, or eating, Rodjinae writes essays, short stories, and poetry based on her lived experiences and those of the people around her.

A Snip of a WIP

I've been working on an essay based on the Twilight Zone episode "I AM THE NIGHT--COLOR ME BLACK" for about a year now. When I first started writing this piece, I soon after entered a deep period of depression and writer's block. Periodically, I return to the piece, and consider where I want to take it.

Despite not being complete, it is important to me. 

The Sun Never Rises

We are greeted by morning at the beginning of the episode. Yet, it is not a true morning. The horizon is not filled with the promise of light, but rather a darkness that hangs in the air. Looking back at it now, it's the kind of darkness that a modern television would struggle to convey. No medium can capture this kind of darkness the way that the black and white medium did at the time.

Someone is going to be killed in the morning. It is important to note that no one believes this killing to truly be a murder. The verdict was reached as a by product of bloodlust and boredom. In dusty towns such as this, there's nothing more exciting that the gallows. This killing is an execution, allowable by law, but still wrong. 

Jagger killed a bigot in a scuffle. He is not sorry for it. 

Though Jagger’s guilt is made of a transient matter that would not hold in a proper trial, he must still die. His death is the only thing that can feed the hunger of this small town. 

Everyone in the town seems eager for Jagger to hang. The specificities of the case are unimportant. His trial was a mockery, a sham. It was a a high-handed effort on the various authorities in town to flex their self-importance.

Now that the reality that their fabrications will lead a man to his death have dawned on them, they point condemning fingers at everyone including themselves. 

The sun has not risen, but death and hatred wait for no one.

Double Dutch

A Lost Hunger.