Born and raised in Compton, CA, Rodjinae Brown is a writer currently living in Los Angeles. When she isn't working, reading, or eating, Rodjinae writes essays, short stories, and poetry based on her lived experiences and those of the people around her.

Double Dutch

Written 2/19/17

Double Dutch

I never learned how

so I would watch my sisters instead.

Thwap Thwap Thwap

My heart drummed to the sound of the cables

hitting the ground.

Eventually my heart and body would wander

to my kingdom in the backyard.

Where my fingers tugged at the earth,

dodging my mortal enemies-- potato bugs.

I wanted to play football.

He didn't let me.

It was no place for a girl.

But there was no place for a girl

with him despite the three he had.

He saw through me.

That I wanted to be the son,

he wished I was.

I wished I was--

if only for his sake...or love.

Maybe if I was, he would have stayed.

Maybe because I wasn't, he came back.

Time waits for no man-- not even a father.

I do not dig in the dirt anymore.

I know nothing about football.

Now, I wish I learned

how to double dutch

instead of trying to be something

he never deserved.

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